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Argentine Ant   Native of North America, but now widespread in the warm Southeastern U.S. and California. 1/8 in. long (2-3 mm)...
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Black Widow Spider

Females have rounded, shiny black abdomen with red markings typically on the underside that often form an hourglass shape Females are 1.5...
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Boxelder Bug

                Latin name is Boisea trivittata.¬† “Tri” meaning “three” and “vittata” meaning “banded” they live...
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 American Cockroach Also known as the Water bug and Palmetto bug. The largest species of common cockroach. Despite the name, it was...
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Dark reddish brown 1 inch long Feeds on leaves, flowers, fruits, mold, and insects Requires lots of moisture Have forceps-like pincers at...
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Fall Webworms

                    Native to North America usually are seen in the late summer/fall create...
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Fire Ants

                      Also called red ants Light brown coloring Build large mounds or...
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Flying Squirrel

Southern Flying Squirrel Mix of gray and brown with lighter, cream colored, underbelly Flattened tail and large black eyes Nocturnal Found across...
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German Cockroaches

              Average about .4-.6 inches in length Color ranges from tan to black Usually compared to...
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