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Gray Squirrel

Gray Squirrel

Common tree squirrel Mostly gray or brown with white under body Large bushy tail Native to the eastern and mid-western United States...
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Honey bee

                  Name comes from the genus Apis¬†which is Latin for bee Originated in South...
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  Very aggressive Has the ability to sting repeatedly Stinger does not contain barbs Hornets do not die after stinging Diet of...
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House Centipedes

Brown to grayish yellow Flattened body 1-6 inches in length One pair of legs on each body segment Can run very fast...
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House Fly

Most common of all domestic flies 1/4 inch long Has red compound eyes Feeds on feces, open sores, decaying organic matter, and...
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House Mouse

          Very small-2.5 to 3.5 inches and weighing up to 1 ounce Large ears Long tail-2 to 4...
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Kudzu Bugs

also called, bean plataspid, lablab bug and globular stink bugs 4-6 mm long have an oblong shape olive-green coloring with brown specks...
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Little Brown Bat

The Little Brown Bat is the most common bat in North America Fur is uniformly dark brown and glossy on their back...
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                  Derives from a Spanish word meaning “little fly” Need water to reproduce Has...
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Norway Rat

Also known as house rat, brown rat, sewer rat, and wharf rat Most widely distributed rat species in the United States Reddish...
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