Swarming Termites

Swarming Termites

Close up view detail of a swarm of winged termites in nature.

Social insects, such as ants and termites, are organized into various castes, with each group having a particular function.  Workers make up the largest group, and consist of only females.  The workers are the ants you see at your picnic or the termites you find when you break open a piece of old wood.  Another caste is the reproductives.  These are both male and female winged insects and include the “kings” and “queens” of future colonies.  At certain times of the year, one being the spring, these “reproductives” leave their nests all at the same time looking for a mate.  This emergence of large numbers at a time is called a “swarm”.  When a homeowner sees this occurrence inside the home, it can be very frightening.

Should you be concerned if you see a swarm of insects?  Most swarms will occur outside.  However, if you see a swarm occurring inside, this means the insects’ nest is either in your home, underneath your home, or very close to the structure.  In the case of ants, if worker ants have not been a problem, then you may not have reason for high concern.  Most swarms only last about one day.  Using a vacuum to control the large numbers of insects will probably be sufficient.  In the case of termites, however, seeing an indoor swarm is almost always an indicator of an infestation.  If you suspect you have termites, it is best to let a professional termite or pest control company handle the treatment.  Try to collect some of the insects to allow the pest control expert to identify your pest.

Prevention is always the best treatment.  Starting a year round pest control and termite prevention program will help make sure your home is protected.  Don’t wait for the swarm in your home.  Mid-Georgia Pest Control looks forward to serving you.  Call us today to learn about our pest control and termite prevention and treatment plans to serve your needs!

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