Mosquito Control Services

Is there any thing more annoying than not being able to enjoy your backyard in the spring and summertime??  Adult mosquitoes start to bite in the early evening hours.  Many homeowners have areas around their homes that are prime breeding grounds for these mosquitoes.  Prime Pest Solutions has an effective mosquito control service that will help you take back the outdoors around your home.  Our mosquito control service runs monthly from May till October.  This is what you can expect from our mosquito control service from Prime Pest Solutions:

  1. Property Inspection– A trained Prime Pest Solutions technician will come out and inspect the grounds around your home.  We will be looking for places that might be holding water.  For example, children’s toys in the yard, decorative bird baths, clogged gutters, trash cans, old tires, and possibly misdirected downspouts could lead to breeding sites for mosquito larvae that will lead to adult biting mosquitoes.  We will located these areas and give you suggestions on how to keep these areas clean and dry.
  2. Larval Control- There could be possible areas around your home where water can’t drain or dry out.  (Dog bowls, drain ditches, driveway drains, and retention ponds are examples of these particular areas)  In these areas, we will apply a larvacide.  Larvacides reduce the number of “wigglers” these areas of standing water. Prime Pest Solutions trained pest technicians place these products are placed in specific locations around the home.
  3. Adult Control Treatment– During the daytime hours, adult mosquitoes rest on the back sides of leaves on bushes and trees.  We use power blowers/sprayers to aggressively apply a treatment around the perimeter of the home.  The blower-sprayer gets the product through the thick brush and shrubery.  It also helps to reach high tree limbs and other hard to reach areas around the house.  The machines reduce the product to small microns and knock off the adult mosquitoes from their resting sites.  We use this blower-sprayers on all of our monthly mosquito treatments at Prime Pest Solutions.  We have found from experience that using this method of treatment greatly reduces the amount of adult mosquitoes around your home.
  4. Follow-up- Prime Pest Solutions will work with you to make sure that you are completely satisfied with our mosquito services.  Although complete elimination is not to be expected, our goal is to make sure that the population is reduced enough that you will surely see an improvement in the numbers of mosquitoes around your home.  Prime Pest Solutions always recommends using topical repellents with DEET while outdoors.

Mosquitoes are vectors of many dangerous diseases.  West Nile Virus, Malaria, and now the Zika Virus, just to name a few of the most common.  The Zika Virus is in the news right now because of it’s effect on pregnant women.  It is also being blamed on birth defects on newborns.  Cases have been reported in the United States and the CDC is concerned of increased cases as the weather warms up and season change.

Call the mosquito control experts at Prime Pest Solutions to help protect your home and family 770-962-4240.  If you have a particular question or concern you can email us at [email protected]