Pest Control

How to Keep a Pest-Free Home

Regardless of the time of year, undesirable pests can surround your home on the outside, seeking entrance whenever and
wherever they have a chance.  You can put a stop to these unwelcome pests with our Perimeter Protection Program.  Our qualified technicians create a barrier around your home, keeping the pests out.  From ants to spiders to earwigs and more, we are ready to serve all of your pest control needs. H

Here are some simple tips that you can follow to make your home less desirable to pests:

  • Clutter in your home gives pests more places to hide and breed.  Removing hiding places cuts down on pests.
  • Simple cleaning such as wiping off counter tops and sweeping up crumbs can go a long way.  Pests, both insects and rodents, need food.  Crumbs left on the floor become a buffet to your unwanted guests.  Removing their food supply makes your house less desirable to pests.  Store food in sealed containers, and empty trash frequently.  Do not leave pet food and water out. 
  • In addition to food, pests need water sources.  Many insects use standing water sources for a breeding ground.  Fix any leaky plumbing, and do not allow water to accumulate anywhere.
  • Prevent pests from coming indoors by sealing up any areas that could be an entryway.  Caulk cracks and crevices and install screens and weatherstripping.  Check boxes or packages before bringing them inside.
  • Outside, remove piles of wood and diseased plants.  Wood mulch and shrubs should be kept at least 18 inches from the house.  Trim back branches that touch the house to prevent creating a bridge for pests.
  • Indoors and out, make sure trashcans are cleaned regularly and have tight fitting lids.

We provide pest control services to homes all around the metro Atlanta area including Griffin, Conyers, Covington, Lawrenceville, Buford, Loganville, Cumming, Braselton, Hoschton, Gainesville, Duluth and Johns Creek. Call Prime Pest Control today at one of our convenient locations to see how we can serve you and help keep your home pest free.

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