Summer Crafting with Beth 2018 – Week 3

It’s Back!  Season 4 of Summer Crafting with Beth!  We are so happy that you are here to join us in the fun.  Follow along with us for the next 8 weeks of summer.  We will be giving you free printables, craft ideas and outside activities to keep your kiddos entertained!  Tag us in your pictures @primepestga  or #SCWBeth2018 & check us out on these other social media platforms FB, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter





Today we are going to be creating “Shadow Drawing.”  We will only be using a few supplies that you most likely already have on hand.  Let’s get started!


  • The Sun ☀️ or a lamp if it’s a cloudy day
  • paper
  • markers/black paint/crayons
  • any item you can find (toys/bushes/mailbox/garden tools/knick knacks/flowers)

First you need a bight sunny day to do this activity ( or a good strong lamp if it’s a cloudy day.)  Next, pick an item.  We used some knick knacks from around the house and some kids toys.  Place them on the ground so they cast a good shadow.  *Note…you want to do this activity in the morning or late afternoon.  Your objects will not cast long shadows when the sun is directly overheard.  Lay your paper down on the shadow and trace!


Use markers, paint, crayons, oil pastels, watercolors…whatever artist medium you happen to have on hand, and either trace the shadow or color it completely in.   

Or mix and 2 together and come up with some new shadowy shapes!

We would love to see what you shadowy designs you made, use #SCWBeth2018 or #primepestga to tag us in your photos!

Happy Crafting and we will see you back here next week for Week 4 – “Tree Stump Weaving!”