Summer Crafting with Beth 2018 – Week 4

It’s Back!  Season 4 of Summer Crafting with Beth!  We are so happy that you are here to join us in the fun.  Follow along with us for the next 8 weeks of summer.  We will be giving you free printables, craft ideas and outside activities to keep your kiddos entertained!  Tag us in your pictures @primepestga  or #SCWBeth2018 & check us out on these other social media platforms FB, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter





Today we are going to be creating an “Outside Weaving.”  We will be using a few more supplies this week and it will require a little more prep work.  Most of the materials you will probably already have on hand.  Let’s get started!


  • tree stump
  • screws & screwdriver 
  • fishing line or string
  • outside material (sticks/flowers/long grasses/weeds/feathers/moss)
  • yarn (optional)
  • scissors

First you are going to want to screw the screws into the tree stump.  We screwed 6 screws into the tree stump around the top arc & 6 screws into the bottom arc of the tree stump (for a total of 12 screws). 

You should adjust the # of screws for your particular tree stump. Below just gives you an example…

Wrap the string/fishing line around the screws creating a pattern similar to the graphic.  

Collect your outside materials and yarn and start weaving into the fishing line using a “under/over” pattern.

Keep adding to it all summer long and see how big your outside weaving creation can get!

We would love to see what your tree stump weavings, use #SCWBeth2018 or #primepestga to tag us in your photos!

Happy Crafting and we will see you back here next week for Week 5 “Tissue Paper Art!”