Summer Crafting with Beth – Week 1

We are back at it with Season 2!

We dedicate 8 weeks in the summer to giving you ideas to keep your kids entertained.  All of of our ideas are completely free!  So, follow along with us as we craft our way through the summer!  You can follow us here, on FB, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+.  We would love to see your pictures as well, tag them #SCWBeth2016!

So, here we go with Week 1 “K-Cup Critters”

K-Cup Kritters (4)















Your Supplies:

  • K-cup (empty & cleaned)
  • glue/tape/hole punch
  • Sharpie/marker

any craft supplies you want

  •      google/sticker eyes
  •      feathers
  •      pipe cleaners
  •      craft foam
  •      paper
  •      string/yarn
  •      Q-tips
  •      toothpicks
  •      drink umbrellas
  •      pom poms
  •      cotton balls
  •      glitter/sequins
  •      fake flowers/leaves

Assemble your K-Cup critters.  Let your imagination go wild!

K-Cup Kritters (1)












K-Cup Kritters (3)















If you don’t think you don’t have any good craft supplies at home, no worries!  We created this little guy with everyday items most people have in their home.

  • glue
  • string
  • paper
  • Q-tips
  • sharpie
  • cotton balls

K-Cup Kritters (2)















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