Summer Crafting with Beth – Week 5

It’s Back!  Season 3 of Summer Crafting with Beth!  We are so happy that you are here to join us in the fun.  Follow along with us for the next 8 weeks of summer.  We will be giving you free printables, craft ideas and outside activities to keep your kiddos entertained!  Tag us in your pictures @primepestga  or #SCWBeth2017 & check us out on these other social media platforms FB, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter





Today we will be creating Yarn Looms!  You only need a couple of supplies for this project, so let’s get started.


  • cardboard
  • glue
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • yarn
  • yarn needle (only $1-$2 from your local craft store for a pkg of 4)
  • stick/wooden dowel

You want to start by prepping your loom.  We glued together 2 sides of a cereal box and let them dry under a heavy book overnight.  Then, on opposite sides of the cardboard, mark 1mm across.  Cut small snips across, about 1mm deep.  Feel free to change these dimensions, this is just what we used for ours.

Wrap the cardboard using thin yard or thread, securing it into each notch.  The yarn/thread should be on both sides of the cardboard.

Thread your yarn you are using onto the yarn needle and start weaving onto your loom.  Make sure to start your weaving a couple of inches down from the top of the loom, we will be needing some space at the end to hang it.  Weave your yarn over and under, and so forth.  When you run out of yarn, just tie the next strip of yarn to it and continue weaving.  

It’s super easy to change colors, just make a knot at the end of the row and start a new color.

After we finished, we pulled the weaving off the loom and knotted the white threads.  We added tassels to the bottom (find a video on YouTube if you need help making tassels) and hung it onto a stick.  It makes a great wall hanging!

Check out some of our Yarn Loom finished photos on Instagram.  Use #SCWBeth2017 or #primepestga to tag us in your photos.

Happy Crafting and we will see you back here next week for Week 6 – Coloring Pages for adults!