Thanksgiving Day Prep

Your Thanksgiving menu is perfected, shopping is done, and the house is clean and festively decorated.  You are ready, you are prepared….and then you see it, that dreaded thing…a cockroach scurrying across your kitchen floor.

As prepared as you are Thanksgiving, if you haven’t scheduled your Fall Pest Control Service you aren’t ready at all!  The last thing you want your guests to see is a spider crouching in the corner of the dining room, right?  Pests and rodents are seeking warmer places to hide as the weather is turning colder and our homes are the perfect cozy hiding place.

Give us a call today! Let us do a thorough inspection; we will treat your home and create a barrier of protection around it.

As you are preparing your house, home (and mental state of mind) for Thanksgiving, don’t forget to give us a call to schedule your Pest Control treatment.  The products we use are kids-safe and pet-friendly.

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