Ant vs Termite

What’s the Difference: Termite vs Ant

You see a large number of small ant-like bugs with wings.  But, are they ants?  Both ants and termites swarm, and often times, these winged creatures are confused with one another.  So, here’s a quick reference guide to know the difference.  It is important to know which pest you have because prevention and treatment of each one is different.

  1. Ants have a narrow, constricted waist while termites have rectangular shaped bodies with no constrictions.
  2. Ants have bent antennae while termites have straight, beaded antennae.
  3. Winged ants will have a shorter hind wing and longer front wing while termites have wings of equal length.
  4. Ants are usually dark in color while termites are generally light in color.
  5. Ants will eat just about anything while termites only eat wood, including paper products.

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