5 Things Your Pest Control Technician Wants You to Know

Have you ever wondered if there were some tips and tricks that the bug guys have for keeping pests to a minimum?  We polled the pest technicians around the office and came up with a Top 5 list!

1. Cleaning Before a Service?

You don’t have to pick up your home before your pest tech comes to service the inside of your home.  We can treat around the major furniture of your home.  AND as always, the products we use in and around your home are safe for your kids and pets!

2.  Pruning the hedges

Keep bushes and tree limbs at least 6 inches away from your home.  An overhanging limb or a bush right next to an outside wall creates a “highway” for an insect or rodent to get easy access to the inside warmth of your home!

3. Keep those gutters clean!

Even if you have fancy guards over them, pine needles and other debris can make its way into your gutters.  Most insects thrive in moisture rich environments.  By cleaning out your gutters on a regular basis, your are taking away the insects’ and bugs’ food source and breeding area (mosquitoes).

4.  Yard Drainage

Next time it’s raining, go outside and see where the water is running around your house.  Is the water headed straight for your home?  Around 60% of homeowners have some sort of water issue in their yard.  If you happen to be a part of that unlucky group, you should address some of your drainage issues.  It may require some simple landscaping changes or some more complicated in-ground drainage installations.  If you have water pooling around your home, it is creating the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other insects and it is a problem that needs to be taken care of!

5. Keep it thin!

Pine straw and mulch are a great (and inexpensive) way to dress-up the outside of your home.  But did you know that you may be attracting more insects to your home with this pretty decor?   It is a ground insulator and it makes a great home for insects to hide in.  So, what do you do?  Don’t worry, you don’t have to get rid of the mulch, just follow these 2 simple steps.

  • Layer the pine straw 2-3 inches deep and even thinner for mulches.
  • Keep it about a foot away from your house.  Otherwise you are creating another “highway” for those insects to cross into your home.

Also, remember, if you have termite bait stations around your home, don’t cover them up!  We know it’s tempting to hide them with flowers or pine straw, but leaving them uncovered makes it much easier for your pest technician to find!

So, there you have it, straight from our pest technicians to you!

If you have questions or concerns, ask your pest technician.  We love solving problems and making customers happy!

If you are interested in our Quarterly Pest Control Services or our Termite Treatments give us a call at 770-962-4240.