Indian Meal Moths

You may know the Indian Meal Moth by another name: weevil moth, pantry moth, flour moth or grain moth.  Whatever you call them, they can be quite a nuisance if you discover them in your home.  They typically feed on dry foods like cereal, flour, pasta, bread, couscous, spices, dried fruit or nuts.

We recently discovered some Indian Meal Moth larvae hiding away in a bag of pistachios in a customers’ pantry.  The moths can get into very tightly sealed bags by chewing through them.  Infested food will look like it has been webbed together.  Once Indian meal moths have been discovered, it may be necessary to throw away all food not sealed in tight containers.


















  • The eggs will hatch between 2-14 days
  • The larvae stage lasts between 2-41 weeks
  • The entire lifespan of a meal moth typically will last from 30-300 days
  • The adults are typically 8-10 mm in length
  • It’s wingspan is 16-20 mm long




























If you are having any trouble with Indian Meal Moths around your home, give us a call at 770-962-4240.  We would be happy to provide you with a Free Inspection.