We provide no-hassle pest control solutions to keep your home safe and bug free.

Guided by 20 years of experience in the pest control business, we help homeowners maintain a clean home environment through our outside-only pest control treatments.

Applying quarterly treatments creates an environment that isn’t friendly to bugs, and keeps new pests from showing up. The result? A barrier that surrounds your home and prevents unwelcome pests from gaining access.

How We Do It

Quarterly Treatments
We visit customer homes every 3 months to apply pest control treatments that prevent bugs and insects from entering the home.
Termite Control
We install and maintain termite defense systems that defend the structural integrity of our customers’ property.
Closing Letters
We work with real estate agents, home builders, and new homeowners to ensure a home is safe and ready for purchase.

How You Can Help

When it comes to pest control, we’re the experts. However, we need your help. Here’s how you can partner with us to keep your home safe and clean for your family for years to come.

Simple tips that help keep your home pest-free

  • Clutter in your home gives pests more places to hide and breed. Removing hiding places cuts down on pests.
  • Pests, both insects and rodents, need food. Removing their food supply makes your house less desirable to pests. Store food in sealed containers, and empty the trash frequently.
  • In addition to food, pests need water. Many insects use standing water sources for a breeding ground. Fix any leaky plumbing, and do not allow water to accumulate anywhere.
  • Prevent pests from coming indoors by sealing any areas that could be an entryway. Caulk cracks and crevices and install screens and weatherstripping.
  • Outside, remove piles of wood and diseased plants. Wood mulch and shrubs should be kept at least 18 inches from the house. Trim back branches that touch the house to prevent creating a bridge for pests.
  • Indoors and out, make sure trash cans are cleaned regularly and have tight-fitting lids.
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