How to Protect Yourself against Pesky Mosquitoes

Spending time outdoors, especially during beautiful spring evenings, is the best!  That is, until you start itching from head to toe!  Mosquito season typically lasts from May til October.












Mosquitoes are a type of elongated, midge-like flies.  Some species do not carry disease, while others are feared because of their capability to transmit diseases such as Zika, malaria, yellow fever, dengue, and West Nile Virus to name a few.  Viruses are spread by mosquitoes contracting the virus from an infected person/animal and passing it on to its next “victim.”

Here’s an interesting fact: not all mosquitoes are blood suckers, but of the species that are, only females need blood meals.  Both males and females get their food from nectar and other plant sugars.  Some females, however, need the nutrients from blood in order to produce eggs.

These blood-sucking pests are a nuisance and often leave us itching for days!  Extremely wet days set the stage for a mosquito population explosion.  The most common mosquitoes breed in standing water such as in flowerpots, birdbaths, kiddie pools/toys, buckets, and old tires.  Mosquitoes do not travel far from their breeding ground, so if you get bitten at your house, there is probably a breeding site nearby.  The best way to keep this under control is to empty any standing water that could be used as a breeding ground.  If you keep a birdbath, change the water every few days.

The Georgia Department of Public Health recommends the Five D’s of Mosquito Prevention:

1. Be aware at dusk and dawn

2. Dress appropriately in long sleeves and pants

3. Drain standing water

4. Seal doors and windows

5. Use repellent with DEET

Although we should be aware of diseases such as Zika virus, we don’t have to seclude ourselves indoors.  Just follow the tips above to reduce your chances of unpleasant encounters with mosquitoes.
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*updated May 2018