What’s the Difference? Termite Damage vs Water Damage

We have a lot of customers call us thinking they have termite damage.  After our technicians perform an inspection, sometimes it turns out it’s only water damage.  Because they each have very similar qualities, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out which is which.  For starters, both termite damage and water damage cause paint to bubble and peel away from the wood.

Here’s a quick review on how to tell termite damage and water damage apart.

Termites eat along the grainline of wood, which results in an intricate pattern of tunnels.  If you have active termites in your home you may see 1 or more of these signs.

  1. Discarded wings
  2. Mud tues
  3. Wood damage

The discarded wings are from the adult termites that fly away to form their own colonies.  Mud tubes are made up of soil, wood, fecal matter and salvia.  Termites use these tubes to travel from one place to another.  Wood damage from termites will result in soft wood that breaks easily.  If you tap on the outside of a piece of wood, it may sound hollow.

Signs of Termite Damage



Signs of Water Damage












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