Why You Shoudn’t Do Your Own Pest Control

We live in a DIY/Pinterest world.  If we find ourselves with a problem, we can usually find an easy life hack to “solve” it!  Multiple shows are available for do it yourself projects and ideas.  We also live in a tough economy, and people look to save money any way they can.  As spring approaches and the pests begin to make their appearances, we’d like to give you some reasons that taking a DIY approach to pest control is not always the best choice.


When it comes to a single bug, you see a fly or ant for example, a flyswatter works just fine.  However, that is about as far as the do it yourself pest control should go.  There are several reasons for this.

1. Knowledge:  Successful pest control will only occur with successful identification of your pest.  There are different control methods and chemicals needed for different pests.  Treating with the wrong control measure will result in failure.  Even an ant isn’t just an ant.  Different species require different treatment.  A pest control professional can help to properly identify and treat your pest.  Not only is it important to know what pest you are dealing with, it is also important to understand the pest’s life cycle and habits.  A professional can use their knowledge and experience to best determine how, when, and where to treat the problem.

2.  Expense:  We often think doing things ourselves will save us money.  Even though it may seem that the initial investment is more costly with a professional, it is often less expensive in the end.  If the in-store pesticides are not effective, your pest problem could grow.  That means buying more pesticides, which can get expensive.  Some pests can cause costly damage to your home, adding on even more expense if not controlled properly.  Often times, people who try their own pest control end up hiring a professional anyway.  Don’t waste your time and money in the beginning.  Call us first to see how affordable using a professional can actually be.

3. Risk:  Pest Control companies require licenses and up-to-date training.  There’s a reason for this…pesticides are chemicals and carry risks.  By applying a chemical that you are not knowledgeable about, you are putting humans, pets, and plants in the path of potential harm.  Every year, thousands of children are exposed to or poisoned by a household pesticide product because of incorrect usage or storage.  Just because something can be bought over-the-counter doesn’t make it safe.  According to the National Pesticide Information Center, “the majority of misapplications reported are performed by homeowners or renters, not pest control operators.”

4.  Proper Equipment:  Some pest control methods may require special equipment.  By not having the proper tools, your pest control efforts will not be successful.

5.  Some infestations require professional treatment:  You’re not just seeing one bug, but hundreds.  You have an infestation, which is almost impossible to control on your own.  This is especially important if you see termites or other insects that can cause damage to your home or family.

The best DIY pest control that you can do is prevention.  Check back for more information on ways to help prevent pest problems in the first place.  Whether you have found yourself with a pest problem or want to get started with a preventative program, call us today at (770)962-4240.  Don’t delay!
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