Fact or Fake: Are cockroach allergies real?

Cockroach allergies are real: True
Cockroaches contain proteins that trigger allergies in many people. The body parts, saliva and waste of a cockroach all can cause allergies. Even if it’s dead!!

f you are experiencing some of these symptoms, you may have cockroach allergies: coughing/wheezing, nasal congestion, ear infection, sinus infection, skin rash/itchy skin, itchy/watery eyes

What can you do if find that you have an allergy to cockroaches?

  • make sure your house is clean
  • put food into sealed containers
  • seal cracks around home
  • fix leaky pipes
  • clean up piles (newspaper, cardboard, clothes, dirty dishes)

Cockroaches thrive in warm conditions. They prefer dark and humid areas. Take away their food sources and places to hide and you will rid yourself of cockroaches. If you discover that you have a cockroach problem in your home, give us a call 770-962-4240.