Perimeter Pest Control Services

One of our most popular services is our Quarterly Perimeter Pest Control Service. With Prime Pest's perimeter service, we treat the outside of your home 4 times a year.

At Prime Pest Solutions we strive to make our service convenient for our customers, that's why our technicians are available 8-5, Monday through Friday. You can even schedule an appointment for a time when you're not at home. We will fully treat the outside of your home and leave a detailed service slip in your door.

Our perimeter pest control service protects your home from all types of crawling insects, including but not limited to all types of cockroaches and ants, millipedes, centipedes, spiders and crickets. If you ever have any problems in between your quarterly services, just give us a call and we will come out again to service your home and treat the problem, absolutely free!

Most of the pests people have problems with are coming in from the outside. That's why we like to focus on the outside of your home. We stop the insects before they can get inside. We also don't spray any unnecessary chemical inside your home. We focus on areas where insects can get in, like windows, doors, eaves, cracks, and gaps in siding.

During our perimeter service we will inspect the outside of your home for problem areas. Bushes and trees that are too close to your home can create a "highway" for insects and critters to enter your home.

Contact us today to start your Quarterly Perimeter Pest Control Service!