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Oakwood, Ga

Spanning over four decades, our company excels in the area of pest control, fortifying homes in Oakwood against invasions. We're poised to join forces with you to elevate your home's defense against unwelcome pest encounters.

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Oakwood’s Trusted Pest Professionals

Prime Pest Solutions is your reliable solution against pests in Oakwood. Our service, enriched by a 45-year legacy, is woven into the fabric of the community, offering targeted and effective pest control measures. Our insight into local pest behavior equips us to keep your home pest-free.

Expert Pest Control

Pest-Free Strategy
for Your Home

Selecting Prime Pest Solutions involves an in-depth pest examination. Our adept professionals analyze your pest issues to formulate a custom extermination strategy. We go beyond pest elimination to establish proactive safeguards for your home. With a keen understanding that each home has its own pest battles, we are determined to maintain your home's integrity with regular Quarterly Treatments for consistent protection.

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The Assurance of Prime Pest Solutions

Choosing Prime Pest Solutions connects you with expert pest controllers whose knowledge forms a steadfast defense for your home. Unique to our brand is our custom-fit approach to your home's specific pest concerns. Our promise to secure your residence begins at first contact. We use select, high-quality products tailored to combat and prevent your particular pest issues. With a commitment to durable prevention, our vigilant team performs regular inspections to ensure that your Oakwood home remains protected against pests.

Tailored Termite Control

The strategic application of liquid termiticides is essential for establishing robust barriers against termite intrusion. Prime Pest Solutions performs detailed evaluations to craft bespoke treatment strategies, accentuating the importance of adapting to the unique foundation landscapes of Georgia for superior subterranean termite management. Protective measures for both new constructions and pre-existing buildings include the implementation of barriers—chemical or physical—to deter termite access. This regimen targets the careful placement of termiticides in soil and around foundations, focusing on vulnerable zones to ensure a high level of termite prevention.

Subterranean Termites
Technician Treating for Mosquitoes

Efficient Mosquito Suppression

In Georgia, mosquito activity intensifies from May to October, a challenge heightened by the presence of multiple mosquito species, including those capable of carrying diseases. Prime Pest Solutions addresses this through targeted monthly interventions at mosquito breeding sites near residential areas, utilizing precision blowers for effective distribution. Key to mosquito suppression are efforts to eliminate breeding grounds, apply treatments in areas with high mosquito presence, and employ fogging and other misting methods during peak mosquito periods. These targeted measures play a vital role in reducing mosquito numbers and lowering the risk of mosquito-transmitted diseases.