Rodent Proof Your Home in 3 Steps

You feel it don’t you? The air is crisp and cool. There is a slight chill in the morning. You’ve pulled your favorite afghan out of storage…..Fall is here!

As fall approaches, mice and rats will start looking for warmth, food, and shelter. Most rodents live in woods and fields, but there are three species of mice and rats that live with people. These are the house mouse, Norway rat, and roof rat. All three of these species live in Georgia.

Here are 3 super easy things for you to do today!

  • Outside Cleanliness Cover all garbage cans. Keep the area around the house/shed/garage clean and free of debris.
  • Inside Cleanliness Don’t leave dirty dishes/standing water in the sink overnight. Put away pet food at night.
  • Repair damages A mouse only needs an opening the size of a dime to enter your home. A rat needs an opening the size of a quarter! The most common entry point is at the base of exterior doors and garage doors. Other entry points include areas where pipes, wires, or cables enter the house. To keep unwanted guests out, seal up these entry points and replace weather stripping if any gaps are present. If you are in the house or garage and can see light coming through under the door, a mouse can probably get through, too. Don’t forget to check your roof as well. You may may some entry points that would be perfect for a bat or squirrel to get into.

If you are having issues with rodents in your home and you need a professional, we are only a phone call away! We have 2 locations to better serve you in Georgia.