The Eastern Lubber Grasshopper

The Eastern Lubber Grasshopper or, by its scientific name, the Ramalea Microptera, is a genus of grasshopper native to the southeastern and the south-central United States. You will find lubbers are most active during July and August. They prefer open pinewoods and weedy areas such as weedy fields and vegetation along roadsides.

What are characteristics of the Eastern Lubber Grasshopper?

The bright coloration and patterning on a lubber’s shell is a warning pattern to predators that they are unpalatable. They are harmless to humans and pets but if provoked or picked up they tend to make a loud hissing noise and secrete an irritating, foul smelling foamy spray.

The Eastern Lubber has a lifespan of one year and is easily distinguished. The lubber is considered one of the most distinctive of its kind. It is known for its size and unique coloration. Eastern lubbers can grow up to an average of 3 to 3.5 inches long while the colors can vary. Eastern lubbers are mostly yellow or tawny with black accents. Adults with darker colors can also be found with yellow being a minor component, and there is the predominantly black lubber is sometimes found.

How do I deal with these grasshoppers?

You can prevent the Eastern Lubber Grasshopper from inhabiting yards and gardens by keeping shrubs and grass cut down short. They like to live in tall brush and grass. Lubbers unfortunately can be slightly invasive and destructive when found in high numbers. If you take away their food source by removing weeds, this can help alleviate an issue. These are just a few ways to naturally relieve your yard and garden of these grasshoppers.

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