The Red Wasp

Red wasps are native to the United States and can be seen as far north as Kansas and New York. They are around an inch long in width with black wings. They are the only wasp species in North America to be an all over rusty red color. You can find these wasps are the most active in the summer months. By June or July, a colony will be fully populated making hives as large as 5,000 to 10,000 wasps. Like most nests you can identify them by their paper like structure, made with chewed plant and saliva. You will mostly find these nests in hollowed out trees, eaves, and overhangs of your home’s or shed’s roof.

Are red wasps aggressive?

Just like any other wasp or bee species, they can become aggressive if provoked or feel their nest is in danger. Unlike the yellow jacket, another species of wasp, a red wasp won’t go out of its way to chase you. A red wasp sting can be very painful and become red and swollen. There is a plethora of substances in a sting from a red wasp. Their venom contains mast-cell degranulation protein, hyaluronidase (protein enzyme), acid phosphatase and lysophospholipase (release of fatty acids), histamine (this is what causes the swelling), dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin.

What attracts red wasps?

These wasps are attracted to properties with lots of trees and flowers and vegetation. This allows them to be able to collect nectar and other materials to take back to their colony. Wasps are also attracted to sugary items, open cans of soda or juices and candy. So, remember to keep the lids on your food items while out having those summer family barbeques!

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