What are Armyworms?

There are several types of armyworms, however, fall armyworms are the most common in Georgia. Armyworms get their name because, while in this phase of life, they gather in armies. They hatch from small eggs attached to leaves and it doesn’t take long before they wreak havoc on lawns. Just like their name they start coming out around late summer or early fall. These worms are a type of caterpillar that will eventually turn into moths.

These little worm-like creatures are extremely destructive to lawns mostly but can also destroy some crops and plants. Armyworms are not poisonous to humans or pets, nor do they bite or sting. If you are unsure what these worms look like, here are some markings to help you identify them. Fall armyworms have a dark head with a pale, up-side-down Y-shape on the front. On the second to last body segment, you can find four darks spots forming a square.

You would think with the amount of damage and the short period it happens in, that these worms would stay around for a long period of time but in fact, they only stay in this period for only about 2-3 weeks before becoming moths. These moths are dark grey in color with mottled forewings. They measure 3-4 centimeters from wing tip to wing tip and only have a life span of 12-14 days.

Have you noticed small brown patches or bald spots in your yard? You may have armyworms! Give us a call and schedule your yard treatment today!