What is a False Bombardier Beetle?

What are false bombardier beetles?

False bombardier beetles are members of the ground beetle family that contain a lot of different beetles under that generic name. A false bombardier beetle is not to be mistaken for a “real” bombardier beetle. The best way to differentiate between the two species is by their colors and bodies. A “real” bombardier has a red head and red thorax, whereas the “false” bombardier has a black head.

Where can I find false bombardier beetles?

You can find false bombardiers in open woods and brush piles. They often prey on caterpillars and other insects. The false bombardier beetle uses a type of spray that is filled with different types of acid that they expel to when they feel threatened by other insects or even humans. They are not harmful to us or pets but can also release a foul smell.

How do I get rid of these insects?

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False bombardier beetle up close